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Renault Trucks Premium: heavy goods vehicle for demanding professional activities

Renault Trucks Premium exists as carrier and tractor versions. Depending on their specifications, they are aimed at the distribution, construction and conveyance industries, for long distances. Let’s take a look at our used Renault Trucks Premium offer.

As the Renault Trucks Premium is no longer produced, you may also want to look into later models, such as the Renault Trucks T or Renault Trucks C ranges. Our used vehicles include many trucks that have the ability to operate in various work environments.

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Used Renault Trucks Premium for transporting heavy and large-volume loads

Renault Trucks Premium has three main versions. The Renault Trucks Premium Road range is suitable for long-distance transport. The Renault Trucks Premium Distribution range is aimed at distribution activities, whereas the Renault Trucks Premium Lander range is focused on the construction industry. The chassis can be fitted out with various equipment. Perhaps a large-volume storage compartment, a tipping bin, or a platform with a loader crane.

Moreover, the Renault Trucks Premium can also serve as a container-carrier. A cistern can be used to convey food products and sensitive materials. When aimed at manufacturers and car dealerships, car-carrier trucks are also available. Possibilities for our used Renault Trucks Premium vehicles are thus particularly varied.

Renault Trucks Premium: a truck that evolved over the years

In addition to being extremely versatile, our Renault Trucks Premium stands out with its engine power, set between 250 and 460 hp - all ranges combined. It can be fitted with a stick-shift or automatic gearbox, with 12 or 18 speeds depending on the version. Its GCWR (Gross Combination Weight Rating) is 44 tonnes for the tractors. The carriers’ GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) ranges between 16 and 32 tonnes. Axle configuration is either 6x2 or 4x2.

Between 1996 and 2014, this truck was fitted out in many different ways - both in terms of design and technical features. Below are some examples:

  • Installation of the OptiDriver robotic gearbox;
  • Integration of a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system, compatible with AdBlue;
  • Presence of a common-rail fuel injection, etc.

Now for the Renault Trucks Premium Distribution: Renault Trucks launched a range of Diesel/electric hybrid heavy goods vehicles. They fell within the "Hybrid Truck" category.

How to find the used Renault Trucks Premium you need?

Whether as a tractor or carrier, the Renault Trucks Premium offers countless technical features aimed at these specific industries. To help you choose a used Renault Trucks Premium that meets your requirements, we implement search filters. You can target your vehicle based on age, mileage or geographical location.

Certain technical features are also included in the list. This is the case for engine type, cab type, chassis height or axle configuration. The date of first registration, additional brakes and compliance with Euro-standards are other key criteria to help you select the best-suited used Renault Trucks Premium. As part of the Renault Trucks offer, these features can be selected either individually or jointly.

Advantages and benefits to purchasing a used Renault Trucks Premium

Since 2014, the production of the Renault Trucks Premium range ceased. It is however possible to purchase one through our second-hand market. This efficient solution is ideal for saving money and optimising profitability for your investment. With this in mind, the Renault Trucks offer counts a varied selection of heavy goods vehicles. It boasts many advantages:

  • Lower prices compared to the new vehicle market, for equivalent vehicles;
  • Professional warranties for ensuring a long-lasting investment;
  • High-standard inspections to assess each truck’s condition, etc.

Renault Trucks offers tailored guidance and advice when purchasing a used Renault Trucks Premium, or any other model. We can, for instance, assist in insurance formalities, or help assess fuel consumption. Regarding this last point, some vehicles have integrated software (OptiDrive technology), with a view to assessing fuel consumption.